Taco bell’s tarnished reputation for their false committment.

By Aaron Smith, staff writerJanuary 28, 2011: 2:13 PM ET
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Taco Bell is steaming mad over a lawsuit alleging that its beef isn’t beef, and replied with promises of a counter-suit in an ad slamming the claim as “absolutely false.”

In a full-page ad appearing in prominent newspapers on Friday, Taco Bell proclaimed, “Thank you for suing us.”

546Email Print “Our reputation’s been falsely tarnished,” said Greg Creed, Taco Bell’s president. He told CNNMoney that he’s meeting with outside counsel to possibly take legal action on these “egregious” accusations against his beef.

“We clearly take this very seriously,” he said, noting that a decision on legal action will be made in the next week. “We’re reacting to this onslaught against our food and reputation.”

The fast-food company said that its beef is “100% USDA inspected,” and insisted that its meat mix is “88% beef and 12% Secret Recipe.” But the lawsuit, filed in federal court within the Central District of California, claims that the mix is about one-third beef.

“We would like Taco Bell to stop referring to its products as beef products, when in fact they’re not beef products,” said the plaintiff’s lawyer, Dee Miles, to CNN’s Jeanne Moos.

Based on lab tests, the law firm said that Taco Bell’s “beef” was actually less than 35% beef.

“Their number is so wrong, it’s ludicrous,” Creed said.

Taco Bell retorted to the “where’s the beef” claim, with ads that reveal the contents of what the company calls its “not-so-secret recipe.”

Here’s another interesting article about fast food. As I have posted my thoughts about Mcdonald’s in the previous writing, this time, I would like to give my opinions about recent Taco Bell’s false promise to their customers. So as you have recognized by reading the article above, it has been revealed that Taco Bell’s beef is certainly much less than what they promised of. I have always knew that fastfoods are terribly unhealthy and it should be the last option to choose when it comes to picking up meals. And this article made me to make a self-promise that I would never eat anything from the fastfood chains. Although this article is about Taco Bell, I am getting skeptical about other popular chains as well. I sincerly hope that fastfood chains who made falst commiittments to their customers get sued and become better companies or actual companies that sincerly serve their customers with their fixed, well-being committments.


Mcdonalds’ effort to exceed their customer satisfaction

McDonald’s has benefited from timely adjustments to meet consumer demands.

McDonald’s quarterly comparable store sales numbers have recorded 30 straight year-over-year increases dating back to 2003. The success is largely due to the company’s strategic adaptation of product offerings as well as operations. For example, the company has increased its healthy food offerings to attract health-conscious consumers and added on-the-go type meals for consumers eating at non-conventional hours, in addition to keeping many of its restaurants operating 24/7 to cater to these customers. [1] (www.forbes.com)

I am not really big fan of fast food although I have eaten it many times. I definitely am not happy to hear that fast food chains are still making profits. Because our society is striving to make health living, fast food representatives such as Mcdonald’s, BurgerKing, Wendy’s, and more fast food franchisors are brainstorming to exceed their customer satisfaction by developing healthier product plans but yet we can’t call them healthy because majority of people wouldn’t visit Mcdonald’s or other fast food restaurants to pick themselves healthy meals.

Even though United States have been very successful to reduce the citizens to quit smoking cigarettes unlike Asian countries, and European countries, on the other hand, numerous American citizens are suffering through obesity, and diabetes. And one of the major factor that impacts the citizens to get over-weight, and suffer through such diseases is the bad eating habits.

I really think that Fast food chains must be reduced and I would like to emphasize about good eating habits so that more citizens can avoid such diseases.

The experience from KOKORO

I am very excited to have my own blog where I can post my opinions regarding the consumer behavior. As this is my first post on the blog, I’d like to represent one of the great Japanese restaurants in Lafayette, “KoKoRo.”And share my experience from there.
Despite their expensive cost of foods and longer wait for the food, this restaurant is still a popular demand by residents in Lafayette area because they taste so good!

But after one expereince from there, I stopped going to that restaurant and simply because of their attitude toward the customers. Because the owner of that restaurant has too high self-esteem that rather than treating customers with respect and the right manner, he doesn’t hesitate to swear, yell, and show bad attitude.

When I was there last time with my friends, we were told by the waiter that the wait for the food will be half an hour. As we were chatting and eating the salads, half an hour went by flash and the food was never being served. We went out of patience and started asking the waiter when the food would be ready and he kept insisting us that the food will be soon to be served. Suddenly, the owner came out of the kitchen and yelled at us, “you have to wait longer for the food because I have a couple more entrees I have to make before yours!” We said in return ” Then why didn’t you let us know that we would have to wait more than half an hour? If you have done so, we probably would’ve went to the different restaurant to have a dinner.” The owner flipped and said ” Hey, you know what? Get the hell out of here!” I was very surprised by his behavior because I have never been kicked out of restaurant because of the complaines I have made based on their comments, and service.

The point I am trying to make is that the customers and consumers must be treated right with the good manner no matter what the situation is. But just because it is his own restaurant, it doesn’t give him the authority or the rights to yell or swear at the customers. Probably he won’t care but my friends and I used to be their loyal customers but now the owner lost the loyal customers because of his behavior.

I, personally think that value of customers and consumers is the most imporant factors of productivity that as the sellers’ perspective, they always should care, and strive to make and keep the loyal customers.