Preparing for the real world.

It is already end of March! And I feel like every spring semester goes by flash. With the spring semester in full swing, I bet most of college students are eagerly awaiting summer break. While there’s nothing wrong with the excitement and fun in the sun, however, I am very anxious because I want to use the summer break to jack up my resume with job-related experience. It is not the hot ladies, hardcore parties, and money that I desperately need or want. It is the INTERNSHIP!!!

While the job market shows some signs of improvement, students are facing an uphill battle to land a full-time job after graduation and I want to use my last summer break to maximize my chance of getting hired. I know that Interning is one of best things that I can do over the summer to increase my chances of getting hired after graduation and even the experts from corporations agree on this. Through the career fair past february, I have interviewed with Meijer, Verizon Wireless, Buckle, and Kohl’s for the summer internship positions. And I FAILED at every position… But It does not put me down… Only for a couple of days actually…  I failed and learned at least. So one of my short-term goals this year is to beef up my resume with another internship experience.

According to Merideth Haberfeld, executive and career coach, “Often the internships end up bridging into future employment at that same organization when, in so many cases, the internship didn’t even exist,” she says. “It got created by connecting with someone inside the organization and making yourself available and designing it together.”

Yeah I gotta find some connections…


Dreaming about stacks of $$$$$$$

Every one of us, regardless of ethnicity, loves money. Although Money is not the only measure of success in life, most people in our modern-capitalism world, it is the first thing, and it COULD be the only thing that measures success in people’s lives. Money can buy power, fame, time, and even a life. So often money has become the first common goal for everyone, yet, most of us are struggling to accumulate wealth.

How can we reach our goal? It is simple. SAVE and INVEST! But it is clearly not as easy as it seems. It is often hard to resist to eat out, buy things we are attracted to, and not spend money. Saving money is one of those self-promises that’s so much easier said than actually getting it done. There’s more to it than cutting the consumption and spending less money.  How much money will you save, where will you save it, and how can you make sure not to spend a penny out of it? I read an article(link to the article provided at the bottom of the page) about saving money and brainstormed to come up with my own list.  Here’s how to set realistic goals, keep your spending in check, and get the most for your money.

1. Getting rid of debt should be the priority!

– A lot of college students graduate with school loans and when you calculate how much you spend each month on your debts will illustrate that eliminating debt is the fastest way to free up money. The sooner you pay off debt, the less interest you’ll pay, and that money can be saved instead.

2. Keep a record of your expenses!

– My mother always emphasizes about the importance of booking. It is wise to take a critical look at your expenses. Write down everything you spend your money on for a couple of weeks or a month. Be as detailed as possible!

3. Don’t use credit cards!

– Credit cards are not inherently evil; or intended to trap people into debt. It’s all about our self-control and moderation. If we use them responsibly (i.e. completely pay them off every month), we can benefit from them. But the reason most credit card companies are pretty successful, however, is because people end up spending money that they can’t afford. We should try to make consumptions by cash and debit cards. Knowing how much we can afford will prevent us from crossing the limit!

4. Set savings goals!

-For short-term goals, this is easy. If we want to purchase a new Macbook, find out how much it costs; if we want to purchase a vehicle, determine how much of a down payment you’ll need. For long-term goals, such as retirement, we’ll need to do a lot more planning and we’ll also need to figure out how investment will help us to achieve our goals.

5. Change to store brands!

-According to consumer reports, it frequently finds that for many products, store brands were at least as good as name brands, while being considerably cheaper. Investigate store brands for items you buy regularly.

There are definitely more magnificent ways to save money but I mentioned only a couple of which I thought were the most important and effective. I sometimes become very demotivated and lose confidence because I am afraid I may not become wealthy as Donald Trump or celebrities like 50 cent and slim thug but I am keeping my faith to become a millionaire. I believe it is possible if I set up an aggressive savings plan and stick to it. Good things often take time and the longer you save the more interest we will be making on our savings.


Give me the keys to the Rolls Royce!

Facebook’s influence

Twitter, Facebook, Shelfari, Moshi Monsters, Club Penguin, — the list of online games and social networking websites seems to grow longer every day. If Mark Zukerberg had never churned out a webpage that eventually morphed into facebook, probably I might never have reconnected to most of my friends. Facebook did not only help people to connect their relationships to each other but also changed communication, and the most primitive forms of socializing. As Facebook expanded into more than a simple webpage to tell friends about your typical daily routine or clicking ‘like’s on the interesting articles, millions of users seem to be so addicted.

Knowing that almost everyone uses and values the ‘ Social Network,’ businesses are now posting their advertisements all over the webpage. It seems very easy to ignore the online advertisements but it was interesting to find myself clicking on the advertisements to check out products and what they are offering while I am facebooking.

As I am a big fan of 50 cent, I catch up on his facebook and I realized how 50 cent is cleverly marketing even on facebook just like any other businesses. His new upcoming wireless headphones called ” sleek,” new albums, and etc. He has around 11 million online friends who will help 50 cent to market better and draw ripple effects. Facebook is providing a shortcut for businesses to draw higher revenues and profits. And it seems like the value of facebook will increase and the companies will be paying more and more to earn the media spaces on the webpage by surviving through the intense competition among themselves. Facebook has already changed a lot of consumer trends and the trend will keep grow.

Apple’s iPad2

Who is Steve Jobs? I often wonder how Steve Jobs could come up with such magnificent, and creative ideas to market position on consumers’ minds from all over the globe. Apple is perpetually inventing and coming up with outstanding gadgets that fit into peoples’ lifestyle, and here arrives another one!

Steve Jobs mesmerized the audience on March 7th, 2011 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and by extension the world. Essentially, Jobs made a tremendous contribution in 21st century’s technology married people society.

Across America on Friday, March 11, people lined up for blocks to buy an incremental updated, and externally enhanced iPad2. In the gadget market, that’s not ordinarily rational behavior, especially in this still down-economy. Apple is doing a great business in USA as if they were doing business in China because Apple’s tyranny seems to have added turbo charge.

How are they doing so well in comparison to other competitive businesses? I believe that one of the strong reasons for Apple to attract the consumers so well is the price differentiation. None of these rival tablets, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab or Motorola’s Xoom, seems to have the shiny exterior that ipad2 has nor the performance.

According to, At $499 for a WiFi model with 16 GB of memory, the basic iPad 2, which is more than enough tablet for typical home use, beats the price of most competing name-brand models. If rivals can’t come under that just-under-$500 figure, they must beat Apple in terms of elegance and ease of use. But until then, Apple might have this market to itself for a little longer.