McDonald’s unstoppable growth.

The world’s biggest burger chain is even bigger now. According to, McDonald’s said first-quarter sales grew to about $6 billion. That’s nearly 10 percent higher than the first quarter of last year. The company pointed to strong sales of new products, like lattes, smoothies and oatmeal. And it cited efforts to modernize its outlets. McDonald’s has been updating lighting and seating, and more of its restaurants are open 24/7.

Shareholders may also be smacking their lips: McDonald’s net income – that’s profits – for the latest quarter grew nearly 11 percent over last year. Although McDonald’s is not providing the healthy meals to the consumers, at least they opened up more job opportunities to positively impact the economy growth in US.

“McDonald’s hiring spree is underway. The fast-food chain plans to hire 50,000 workers — or roughly four people per restaurant — in a one-day jobs blitz that spans all 50 states.In midtown Manhattan, restaurants saw a slow but steady stream of applicants flowing in all morning. Job seekers ranged from high school students on spring break to the long-term unemployed.” (


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