Dave Espino’s auctions for income, fraudulent?

I recently created a podcast based on Dave Espino’s auctions for income. From the commercial, he guarantees the success of making a profit regardless of the skills which brings a lot of criticism from the consumers.

Auctions for income system appeals to many consumers with the ease of how you can make quick cash with eBay auctions. Dave Espino guarantees that his strategy will lead you to succeed in drop shopping buisness to make thousands of dollars on eBay. The target market of this product is any eBay consumers, people that want to make money at home or online as well as who desperately needs money.

Dave Espino tries to convince consumers by mentioning how easy it is  to follow his strategy and make profit. To motivate the consumers, he offers a variety of sales promotions such as giving out free videos, a year free support center for first 250 callers, discounted price of the product, money back guraantee, and gurantee sucess of  at least $500 profit in first 30 days.  He also consistently provides short video clips of consumers who are successful with his product and their success stories strongly encourage others to pick up the phone and make purchases. Dave repeatively mentions about the down economy and how struggling people in difficult job market could secure their financial challenges by using his guidebook.

AlthoughDavid confidently guarantees the success to consumers, this guide book has both positive and negative reviews because in reality, the drop shipping business is highly competitive. Moreover Dave Espino is offering the benefits he mentioned in the commercial to everyone who signs up for his program which drastically cuts the profit margin. With everyone having access to each source, you are forced to compete with all his customers to sell the same products. Dave Espino’s biggest criticism on the internet is that he slices up the eBay to look like a very easily digestible pie but that is not the case. Making money on eBay is deemed to be difficult and that is where a lot of Dave Espino’s criticism comes from. In particular, the success of this infomercial rests with the poor economic situation and the need for people to make money.


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